Kea New Zealand announces groundbreaking research at Generator

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Kea New Zealand announced today from their base at Generator the results of a research project tackling foreign investment in New Zealand.

Kea New Zealand’s research highlights the fact that there is considerable untapped potential of both time and financial resources from Kiwi expats who are able and willing to invest in New Zealand’s productive economy,” said Sir Stephen Tindall, chair and co-founder of Kea.

The full report, entitled ‘Foreign Investment from Kiwis: The potential for New Zealand’s diaspora to invest in our productive economy’, is available from the Kea New Zealand website, along with video content from the event.

Kea New Zealand Global CEO, Sue Watson says: “We love having our global headquarters here at Generator because this space is a perfect fit for our business. Our purpose at Kea New Zealand is to connect with Kiwis and friends of New Zealand and help to make this country the most globally connected nation in the world – and Generator is all about making connections.”